Thank You: $1000 Raised for Female Youth

The inaugural SHEfights event was a huge success; just a little over 600 onlookers packed in to the Toronto Estonian House to watch Ontarian (and special international guest) nak muay ying showcase their craft and leave it all in the ring. SHEfights was groundbreaking in many ways, but we would like to focus on the very donors that contributed to the 2017 SHEfights Youth Training Grant.

$1,280 was raised at SHEfights, meaning two young girls will receive $500 towards their training costs. For every multiple of $500 another grant will be made available, and leftover amounts will be carried in to 2018.

For the full grant details, please download the complete document. We will continue to keep the donation links open, and all funds received will be put towards the 2017 grant. We encourage you to continue to contribute and support uplifting youth in sport.

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