SHEfights III: #EachForEqual

Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (6 Garamond Ct, North York, ON)

March 7, 2020 4:30 pm - 10:00 pm Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (6 Garamond Ct, North York, ON)



Diamond Muaythai Promotions and Back Forward Kick have partnered to bring you SHEfights 3, a Muaythai Ontario sanctioned all female amateur event celebrating women and girls in the sport of Muaythai.

SHEfights is back – bigger, badder, and better than ever! Returning to Toronto, SHEfights 3 brings you back to the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre for an unforgettable night celebrating women & girls in Muaythai. North America’s top athletic talent, Ontario’s foremost coaches and officials, and special guests from around the combat sports community.

SHEfights was founded as an event in support of International Women’s Day and the push for gender equity in sport. Collectively, each one of us can help create a gender equal world. We can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women’s achievements.

Individually, we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and actions – all day, every day. For International Women’s Day 2020, we are #EachForEqual.

Weigh-ins at 3:00pm
Doors open at 4:30pm
First Bell is at 6:00pm

This is an all ages event. Children ages 5 and under are admitted free and must be seated on a lap.

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VIP admission is currently sold out!

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12. Elite Open Class: 51 to 54 kg
Super 4 Tournament Final
Morgane Mary-Pouliot
9W-5L-0D, 6E
Apex Muaythai
VS Amy Duke
9W-3L-0D, 0E
The Wat NYC
Winner: Amy Duke
11. Elite Open Class: 57 to 60 kg
Mandana Rafat
5W-10L-0D, 7E
Southside Muay Thai
VS Tiffany Cass
13W-13L-1D, 8E
Diamond Muay Thai
Winner: Mandana Rafat
10. Elite A Class: Over 75 kg
Caroline Karty
5W-3L-1D, 1E
Kombat Arts
VS Leila Jakubinek
1W-2L-1D, 4E
New Era Combat Sports
Winner: Leila Jakubinek
9. Elite B Class: 54 to 57 kg
Isabella Filippazzo
4W-1L-0D, 0E
M1 Thai Boxing
VS Samantha Ralph
3W-1L-0D, 0E
Milton Muay Thai
Winner: Isabella Filippazzo
8. Elite A Class: 63.5 to 67 kg
Shannon Hirsch
4W-3L-0D, 0E
Montrait Muay Thai
VS Aisha Muslim
5W-3L-0D, 4E
Lanna MMA
Winner: Aisha Muslim
7. Elite B Class: 51 to 54 kg
Stephanie Goode
4W-1L-0D, 1E
Darkside Muay Thai
VS Jeniya Vijithan
4W-2L-0D, 0E
Southside Muay Thai
Winner: Stephanie Goode
6. Elite A Class: 62.5 to 66 kg
Amenzee Omozuwa
4W-3L-0D, 8E
Krudar Muaythai
VS Dominique Demeritte
12W-2L-0D, 4E
Diamond Muay Thai
Winner: Dominique Demeritte
5. Elite B Class: 48 to 51 kg
Erica Mach
2W-1L-0D, 1E
Old School Muay Thai
VS Julianna McDermott
6W-2L-0D, 0E
Diamond Muay Thai
Winner: Julianna McDermott
4. Elite C Class: 60 to 63.5 kg
Anita Dulluku
4W-3L-0D, 1E
Southside Muay Thai
VS Katie Degendorfer
3W-1L-0D, 0E
Diamond Muay Thai
Winner: Anita Dulluku
3. Elite C Class: 64 to 57 kg
Gabriella Regimbal
0W-0L-0D, 0E
Evolucao Thai
VS Scarleth Blanco
1W-0L-0D, 0E
Kombat Arts
Winner: Scarleth Blanco
2. Elite C Class: 71 to 75 kg
Samantha Skinner
0W-0L-0D, 0E
VS Christina Tamburini
0W-0L-0D, 0E
Diamond Muay Thai
Winner: Samantha Skinner
1. Youth 11-12 Exhibition: 29 to 32 kg
Olivia Petrakis
0W-1L-0D, 0E
Warrior Muay Thai
VS Carlena Travassos
1W-1L-0D, 3E
Milton Muay Thai